Midwest drought could impact 2013 boating season

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The yearlong drought that has plagued the Midwest is forecast to have a negative effect on the region’s boating season this year.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers predicts most of the lakes will be “well below their historical averages” by the time recreational boats begin to take to the water en mass in late spring. The lakes Michigan, Huron, as well as Lake St. Clair, could approach record lows during that early part of the season.

“For the most part, these are the lowest levels we’ve seen since the 1960s,” Corp chief of watershed hydrology Keith Kompoltowicz told The Detroit News.

Click here for the full report by The Detroit News.


One comment on “Midwest drought could impact 2013 boating season

  1. Breezeswept

    USACE admits 16″ excess loss/conveyance of Lake M/H water into Lake Erie … from Commercial shipping over- dredging in the St. Clair River.
    IJC John Nevin admits SC River bottom erosion (from dredging creating excess flow) created additional 5″ loss of Lake M/H water. Combined, this totals 21″ Loss/Conveyance of Lake M/H water.
    Daily Excess flow created from dredging is 10 Billion Gallons/Day into Ohio. It’s time Michigan puts a plug in her jug!!!

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