New standard could affect yacht builders

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Yacht builders are facing potential redesign issues after the International Maritime Organization passed a measure requiring large vessels to catalyze their engines by 2016.

The measure passed by the group, which includes more than 100 countries as signatories to their treaties, would affect U.S. yacht manufacturers since they would be required to catalyze yachts 24 meters and larger, or just over 79 feet, John McKnight, director of environmental safety and compliance for the National Marine Manufacturers Association, told Soundings Trade Only.

“That’s an issue because the catalyst systems out there now in the field … wouldn’t fit in many engine compartments, based on their current boat designs,” McKnight told Trade Only. “These yacht designers design two or three years out and the engine compartment would have to be reconfigured to fit in the new engines.”

There could be some relief for the recreational marine industry, McKnight said.

The NMMA and the International Council of Marine Industry Associations are currently working with U.S. and international yacht builders to address the economic and technical burden of implementing the standard. The NMMA has met with the U.S. IMO representative “and we are in the process of assessing whether recreational yacht builders would require an exemption from this rule or need more time to comply,” McKnight said.

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3 comments on “New standard could affect yacht builders

  1. George

    For what reason do engines need to be catalyzed. Because of junk science coming from from non-profit organizations who get grant money from government for a specific outcome?

    East Anglia University (England) anyone??

  2. Bruce

    I’m sure someone or some company is making a “Profit” even if they are supposedly a “Non-profit” organization. Everyone is now trying to become
    “Green” to insure sales from people who say they are politically correct as
    well as the purely left of center..! I have nothing against putting a cap on enviormental hazards and probably would vote entirely against Big Business
    that wants to continually Rape mother Earth for pure profit and nothing more but we do need a “Watch Dog” organization that is unbiased and has all the facts for a proper vote that we can all take part in as the human race.!

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