Sail America names association manager

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Peter Durant was named the new association manager of Sail America.

Durant will work with Sail America’s board to promote the sailing lifestyle, strengthen member businesses and sustain and grow the membership.

“Peter has both the vision and the vibrancy we need to embrace new opportunities and expand Sail America’s footprint,” Sail America board president Stanton Murray said in a statement. “He brings to this position two decades of proven leadership and management in business, a deep passion for and knowledge of our mission and a reputation as a dedicated ambassador for the sailing community. He is well-respected and well-poised to lead our organization at this exciting time.”

Durant will be joining Lighthouse Consulting Group, the Rhode Island-based full-service association management company that handles Sail America’s operations, to carry out Sail America’s day-to-day responsibilities and act as the face and voice of the organization.

Durant and the expanded team will continue to foster its many successful membership and marketing programs, produce the Strictly Sail Pacific show, forge strong partnerships with other show producers to promote sailing and sailing lifestyle events, strengthen and grow its member businesses and evolve the Discover Sailing brand and programs.

“Peter is a welcome addition to the Lighthouse Consulting Group team of seasoned experts,” Lighthouse Consulting Group president Mark Amaral said in a statement. “Peter has demonstrated excellence in strategic thinking, innovation, financial stewardship and the ability to make a significant impact on the organizations he touches.”

Prior to joining Sail America, Durant spent six years as executive director of the Community Boating Center of New Bedford, Mass., where the center introduced thousands of at-risk youth to sailing in an award-winning mentorship and outreach organization.

Before joining the Community Boating Center, Durant spent six years with the Concordia Co., overseeing operations, finance and customer service. Before Concordia, Durant held related positions at Seitech Marine Products, Vanguard Sailboats and Cape Water Sports.

Durant’s industry experience included more than 20 years of volunteering for US Sailing, New England Yacht Racing Council and SM Sailing. As a former board member of US Sailing and a current member of the training committee and the national faculty, he has experienced some of the best practices, facilities and sailing programs in the country.

As past president of SM Sailing, Durant doubled the number of participating clubs in youth membership programs in two years and developed and launched new programs to expand the organization’s reach into southern Massachusetts. He is a certified US Sailing Level 1 instructor trainer.

“I am thrilled to join Lighthouse Consulting Group and be chosen to lead Sail America,” Durant said in a statement. “Sail America has been enormously successful in building a tremendous organization. It will be a great honor and privilege to work with Sail America’s board of directors and the talented and dedicated staff at Lighthouse Consulting Group to bring the organization to an even higher level of excellence.”

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