Dometic Marine announces restructuring

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Former Dometic Marine president Frank Marciano was named president of Dometic Americas for all divisions after the Dometic Group announced a global reorganization and restructuring.

The new management and business structure was enacted by the company’s global CEO, Roger Johansson, and was effective Feb. 1.

Marciano, based at the marine headquarters in Pompano Beach, Fla., is a 22-year employee of Dometic. The marine business continues to be an important part of his new role.

Dometic Group will consolidate its market focus to three large geographic regions: EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Asia Pacific (including Australia and China) and the Americas (North and South America).

Each region will focus on marine, RV, commercial and passenger vehicles, aftermarket, retail merchandising and lodging.

In the Americas, the marine division headquarters will continue to operate from Pompano Beach, the RV division headquarters will continue to operate from Elkhart, Ind., and the aftermarket and retail merchandising operations, along with the regional finance and legal staff, will remain in Louisville, Ky.

“My business philosophy is that small, focused groups can do a better job serving the industry they’re in rather than trying to group everybody together somewhere,” Marciano said in a statement. “I don’t want to have big, centralized control. Each division will now have more freedom to move decisively to benefit their group.”

Doug Curtis, former vice president of marine division marketing, will take on a larger role as vice president of Americas marketing, coordinating all marketing activities for the marine, RV, commercial and passenger vehicles, aftermarket, retail merchandising and lodging divisions.

All other marine division vice presidents retain their current positions, including Ned Trigg, senior vice president of system sales; Jim Kerrigan, vice president of marine OEM; and Ken Taranto, vice president of marine aftermarket systems.

A new merchandising group will be headed by Mark Minatel, vice president of aftermarket sales, in Louisville to help Dometic expand its product ranges in marine specialty stores.

The RV division also retains its executive staff, including Dave Schutz, vice president of RV OEM sales and marketing, who will remain in Elkhart, and Jim Menefee, vice president of operations, with offices in Elkhart and LaGrange, Ind.

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One comment on “Dometic Marine announces restructuring

  1. Virgil

    Frank’s a great guy, but he was still with us at the Taylor group 15 years ago; Where’s this 22 years come from?

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