Dometic Marine expands operations in India

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Dometic Marine is launching an expansion in India by supplying air-conditioning equipment to patrol boats protecting the oil and gas industry in Mumbai.

The 14-boat project requires Dometic to install its direct expansion self-contained units, providing 81,000 BTUs of cooling capacity.

The boats, built by SHM Shipcare, belong to the Indian government and are used to patrol the waterways in India.

The first vessel was launched in November and the whole project is set to be finished by the end of 2013.

“The equipment is compact and easy to maintain and is therefore ideal for what can be challenging conditions,” Dometic international technical sales manager Ben Haynes said in a statement. “Plus, we provide customer service in Mumbai for after-sales support.”

Dometic is working to strengthen its position in India and has more plans in the coming months.

“We have other projects in the pipeline in India,” Haynes added. “Twenty-four months ago, we had not sold anything in India.”

The air-conditioning, toilet, refrigeration and galley specialists are targeting rapid growth in the region with the help of their new distributors and servicing dealers. Dan Kris Power Systems is the representative for Dometic in the region, establishing contacts and offering technical support through service, training and commissioning.

“We are excited about the prospects and opportunities in India and continue to nurture our relationships with key contacts in the region,” Dan Kris Power owner Savio Martin said in a statement. “This project is proceeding well, with the first boat already completed.”

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