GOST system finds stolen boat

Posted on Written by Michael LaBella

Global Ocean Security Technologies said a 31-foot Yellowfin equipped with a GOST NT-Evolution wireless GPS tracking and security system was stolen from the Marsh Harbour area of the Bahamas in the early morning hours of Feb. 13.

The boat had arrived in the Abacos the day before from the United States. GOST said the system located the boat drifting with no one aboard.

Unfortunately, the GOST NT-Evolution system was mistakenly left disarmed when the Yellowfin arrived at Marsh Harbour, GOST said. Had the system been armed, GOST said, it likely would have prevented the boat from being stolen because of the sirens and strobes that would have gone off.

However, the GOST NT-Evolution system was able to locate the vessel and it was recovered successfully.

“While we encourage our clients to assure that the GOST NT-Evolution is armed when the vessel is not in use, the two-way Inmarsat-based GOST NT-Evolution quickly located this stolen boat with minimal damage to the hull, engines and electronics. Our client is thankful for the GOST NT-Evolution and the timely assistance of the Marsh Harbour Police Department, and he is very happy that he can still salvage a fishing holiday with his boat in the Bahamas,” GOST research and development director Brian Kane said in a statement.

GOST said the GOST NT-Evolution and other GOST Nav-Tracker systems use the Inmarsat Satellite Network and provide global coverage everywhere except the most extreme poles with 99.99 percent reliability mandated by the International Maritime Organization.

Some insurance companies now require that GPS tracking devices, such as the GOST NT-Evolution or the GOST Nav-Tracker, be installed on high-performance boats. Many insurance companies also offer discounts off annual premiums for vessels with GOST security, monitoring, tracking or surveillance systems on board, the company said.

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One comment on “GOST system finds stolen boat

  1. john ennis

    Who ever stole it was probably going to use it to run drugs…to small for Square Grouper but ideal for coke. Make the delivery and either run the boat into the marsh or sink it.Alarm system probably caused them to cut the boat lose.. It’s a frequent occurance in the islands and in the keys.

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