Great Lakes Scuttlebutt debuts boat-show website

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Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine launched, a website devoted entirely to providing information about boat shows from across the nation. also will feature a virtual experience at certain U.S. boat shows. Viewers will be able to watch interviews of some or all of the exhibitors at certain shows who will demonstrate their product or discuss the service they offer. The site also will contain video footage of boats, products and services at shows and viewers will be able to listen to brokers and dealers discuss the features of their boats in detail.

One of the main features that separates from other boat show sites is an interactive map that viewers can click on to be taken to each show’s Web page. Whether it’s a regular boat show, a sailboat show, a fishing show or an antique boat show, boaters will easily be able to access information about shows they want to attend or browse videos from shows in their area, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt said.

Publisher Erik Kyle said in a statement that the site is “the go-to resource for the boating public.”

Click here for the full release.

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One comment on “Great Lakes Scuttlebutt debuts boat-show website

  1. Jim Shramek

    This will be a great resource for Marine Surveyors in addition to boaters and other boating professionals. Great job Erik.

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