MIAMI: ABYC hands out service award

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ABYC president John Adey gave David Marlow, director of product integrity/government affairs at the Brunswick Boat Group, the ABYC Service Award at the Miami International Boat Show.

Marlow, who has served as technical director to the American Boat and Yacht Council, which writes safety standards for the marine industry, has gone “above and beyond” the call of duty, Adey said.

With the support of the Brunswick Boat Group, Marlow has helped to implement “crucial changes that support boating safety and the overall mission of ABYC,” Adey said.

“As ABYC looks to the future of boatbuilding we are forever indebted to volunteers like Dave,” Adey said.

Marlow spoke highly of ABYC when he accepted his award. “ABYC consistently tackles the relevant issues of our industry,” he said.

Adey has reiterated the need for more builders and dealers to become involved in the regulatory process and the writing of industry standards to help avoid costly and potentially dangerous situations.

See the February issue of Soundings Trade Only to read an interview with Adey that helps outline the mission of ABYC.

— Reagan Haynes

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