Broker moves Fort Lauderdale office

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Chamberlain Yachts International recently changed locations.

The firm is moving from the fishbowl at the Quay on 17th Street Causeway in Fort Lauderdale, where it has been for 10 years, to a smaller office at 1535 Southeast 17th St., Suite 119.

“For the last few, we have been operating using an Internet-based phone system, remote desktop connections, a cloud-based data server and video conferencing to conduct daily business,” owner Kent Chamberlain explained in an email. “Despite the fact that these technologies make it easy to operate successfully without ever walking into an office, we have continued to do so each day.”

“In a business that is largely conducted through email and the telephone, a substantial brick and mortar environment is becoming less important,” Chamberlain said. “Therefore when our lease expires in February, Chamberlain Yachts will relocate to a smaller office. We will continue to provide the same professional and reliable service that we always have, and are available to meet face to face anytime, but you will no longer see me or my staff burning the midnight oil when you drive by the traffic circle at the Quay. What you will see shortly is our Internet presence increase, our new cellphone and tablet apps appear, and more business activity from Chamberlain Yachts.”

The phone numbers and email addresses won’t change.

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