Company debuts boat-rental website

Posted on, a peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace, announced its official launch, making it easier than ever for boat renters to find and rent seaworthy watercraft from owners across the globe.

With more than 2,000 listings and thousands of visitors, said it provides the widest representation of rentable boats available online through an easy-to-navigate interface. Renters can find a wide representation of watercraft, from kayaks to 100-foot yachts, available in 20 countries across the world, from California to Croatia.

“So many people yearn for the experience of being on a boat, while at the same time, millions of boats sit idly in marinas every day,” co-founder and CEO Sascha Mornell said in a statement. “We’ve found an easy and intuitive way to join these two populations safely and effectively. Our unique model — which combines ease of use, ease of listing and no hidden fees — has been rapidly embraced by the marketplace, encompassing thousands of boat listings in a matter of months. We’re very grateful to witness the market respond so passionately to our product.”

GetMyBoat said it allows boat owners to list their boats at no cost, including photos, boat specs, pricing, capacity and contact information in a matter of minutes. GetMyBoat also has a chat function so that owners can interact directly with the renter prior to purchase. Renters visiting GetMyBoat can find out when boats are available through the online calendar application. Once a renter and owner are joined, GetMyBoat makes it easy for the renter to obtain insurance during the rental period.

GetMyBoat said it not only lists privately owned boats, but also boats from charter and rental companies, to form a true global boat rental marketplace. Rental companies have the option of creating a company listing that appears in the search results in each location from which the company operates.

“Our goal is to eliminate any of the potential uncertainty and labor-intensiveness involved with renting, or renting out, a boat,” product manager Bryan Petroin said in a statement. “As we grow our network, customer reviews, online safety and boating etiquette content and other features will be added to enrich the user experience for both sides. We don’t want one-off customers; our goal is to spread the joy of boating to potential boaters of every stripe all over the world.”

GetMyBoat said it charges no fees, commissions or monthly membership dues. Everything from signing up on the site, listing watercraft, and completing reservations is free. Boats can be rented by the day, hour or by the week, depending on the owner’s specifications.

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4 comments on “Company debuts boat-rental website

  1. Boater guy

    I would be kind of concerned as their insurance provider is not an A rated insurance provider plus they list the boats address, which is perfect for boat thieves to locate their next boat to steal.

  2. Michigan Boater

    Boater Guy, I agree on your comment on insurance. Moreover, ALL personal boat insurance policies will have some type of rental/commercial use exclusion.

  3. Sarasota FL, owner

    So I gave Getmyboat a try and played around on their site. I like the idea and think it will surely catch on. However what about “Insurance”. They say renters can get insurance, but the site never gives any details. If I had listed my boat, I dont think I would have ever pulled the trigger and let a stranger take my boat with out renting it.

    I also did a quick search on the subject “Boat Rentals by Owner” and found others doing the same thing. One site advertised that it insured everyone it was called

    I would like to see these guys take off, because boating is expensive.

  4. GetMyBoat

    Thanks for the support! Our partnership with Xinsurance ensures that renters and owners are covered on the water – You can learn more on the site or on our blog.

    We hope to see you on the water!

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