Discover Boating webinar set for April

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A Discover Boating all-industry webinar on April 3 is open to all industry stakeholders in the United States and Canada and will outline spring and summer plans for Welcome to the Water, an initiative designed to expose more people to boating.

The 45-minute webinar, hosted by Discover Boating president Carl Blackwell, will offer ways for participants to get involved in upcoming events and industrywide efforts to welcome more people to the water.

Blackwell will demonstrate Discover Boating web resources, tools and applications that industry players can use and highlight promotional materials available to the industry to help welcome current and future customers to the water.

Other highlights include:

• New advertising: digital and cinema

• Upgrades to the look and feel of

• Industrywide boating event: Welcome to the Water on National Marina Day, June 8

• Promotional materials and Web tools available at no charge

• Public relations: What’s on tap to put the boating lifestyle in the media spotlight this summer

• Marketing support for Marine Five Star Dealer Certification

The webinar will occur at 2 p.m. EDT. Space is limited.

Click here to sign up.

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