Largest Chinese boat show set for May

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The Boat China & Water Sports Expo will be held May 10-12 in Guangzhou, South China’s economic center. As the biggest boat show in South China, Boat China 2013 will be held in the China Import & Expo Pazhou Complex, the biggest exhibition center in Asia.

The Guangdong Yacht Industry Association is reaching out to the boating and yachting industry in North America and listing reasons to attend Boat China 2013:

Entering the Chinese market: Boat China 2013 is a showcase for luxury yachts; private yachts; accessoriesequipment and gear for boats and yachts; engines, motorspropulsion equipment and parts; marina equipment; diving supplies and equipment; and sailboard and surfing equipment that has attracted many manufacturers, sales agents and others in the yacht industry.

Six concurrent events will be held at the site:

• 2013 World Yacht Industry Summit Forum

• The 1st China Yacht Model Contest

• 2013 China Yacht Investment and Financing Meeting

• 2013 Yacht Club Operations Management Forum

• Boat China & Water Sports Expo Award Ceremony

• Boat China Opening Ceremony and Yachts Cruise

Opportunities: China’s coastline offers sea-line resource development and government support, and the expansion of yacht activity will attract more Chinese buyers.

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