Marina Recreation Association will hold show in California

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The 42nd annual Marina Recreation Association Educational Conference and Trade Show will be held Nov. 12-14 in Santa Barbara, Calif.

This year’s theme is “New Times, New Opportunities,” with topics ranging from industry best-management practices to trends involving today’s minefield of employment, legal and regulatory environments.

The show has been reworked to allow optimum use of travel time; attendees can travel on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 12, and return home on the afternoon of Nov. 14 at the conclusion of the conference. The annual wine-tasting event will be held Nov. 13.

Expected attendance is projected primarily from California and the western United States, with about 10 percent traveling from as far away as Australia. The event begins with a golf tournament at the Sandpiper on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

The marine trade show will be held in the 12,000-square-foot Grand Ballroom at The Fess Parker, which is a Doubletree Hilton Resort. Space is expected to sell out quickly.

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