Viking Yachts set to launch 70-footer

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Viking.1When the doors to Viking Yachts’ manufacturing plant in New Gretna, N.J., opened on Monday to roll out the newly built Viking 70 Convertible, the debut was greeted with the full force of a blustery spring snowstorm.

An overcast sky and thick white snowflakes proved to be a remarkable contrast against the Viking 70’s blue hull.

Viking planned to fill the convertible’s 2,000-gallon tank and launch the boat this week to begin startup procedures and initial sea trial runs.

Viking.2The boat is slated to be delivered in mid-May, so in the coming weeks the interior will be detailed, Palm Beach Towers will install the tuna tower, Atlantic Marine Electronics will power up its systems and myriad other tasks will be completed.

Viking reported a positive Miami show, where it displayed three new models for 2013, including the Viking 55 Convertible, the Viking 62 Convertible and the Viking 62 Enclosed Bridge Convertible, at the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach.

The company also said it has begun manufacturing a new Viking 92 Convertible, which is scheduled to debut at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. With an overall length of 93 feet, 4 inches, and a beam spanning 23 feet, 5 inches, the 92 will be the largest boat that Viking Yachts has built in its 49-year history.

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