Chaparral Boats plans new line of jetboats

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Chaparral Boats announced an agreement with Bombardier Recreational Products to power a planned new line of jetboats slated for introduction later this year.

BRP is excited to begin this relationship with Chaparral Boats, a company with a proud heritage, excellent reputation and one that shares our commitment to the marine industry,” Alain Villemure, vice president and general manager of BRP’s marine propulsion system division, said in a statement.

“BRP’s Rotax 4-TEC inboard jet propulsion system is a proven power source and the perfect complement to Chaparral’s award-winning lineup of boats. We believe that this strategic relationship promises to deliver consumers a best-in-class boating experience that’s supported by an outstanding dealer network.”

“We’ve got exciting styling, performance and quality innovations on the way,” Chaparral founder Buck Pegg said in a statement. “We are excited about the developments we have planned.”

Lane sees Chaparral’s new jetboats as an added profit center for its dealer network while also offering the company a chance to expand its reach into new markets.

“Our decision to move into jet propulsion expands our fleet and is in keeping with our strategy to bring new people into boating by offering Chaparral quality and style at value-minded prices,” Chaparral president Jim Lane said in a statement.

“Our brand is already associated with luxury family sportboats, sport yachts, cruisers, and through our Robalo line, sportfishing boats. The move into jet power is a perfect fit.”


5 comments on “Chaparral Boats plans new line of jetboats

  1. Curtis

    Dumb idea guys. Very small category. Seadoo which sold the most boats has dumped the line. Searay and now Chaparral are getting into it. Does not make much sense. Now your dealers are going to have to get set up with Seadoo to repair and stock parts. Not good for the dealers for such a small category.

  2. jdonalds

    Actually it is not a small category Curits. Yamaha jet boats now dominate the 19-24′ bow rider market and are outselling all other brands which are mostly I/Os.

    Jet boats have a lot to offer. They aren’t perfect, no boat is, but boat layouts are greatly enhanced by the low profile jet ski engines. Large comfortable swim platforms are a huge selling point. Safety of not having a propeller also brings many people to the jet boat world.

    Jet boats plane faster, are quicker off the line than comparably equipped I/Os, and use less fuel at cruising speeds. Simplicity and reliability of jet pumps keep maintenance costs well below that of an I/O.

    Many people think the way you do Curtis. You are not alone. It is just that many have not taken a good look at the Yamaha line in the past several years.

    I/O boats have their advantages too. They are generally quieter running, get better fuel consumption at idle, low speed, or WOT, and as they are usually about 1,000 pounds heavier they take heavy seas better. I/O boats don’t suffer the slow speed steering challenges of jet boats either. Still with all of those advantages the huge community of Yamaha jet boat owners choose jets over an I/O.

    Sea Ray, Chaparral, and the the Scarab name brand of Welcraft are all coming out with jet boats. They see the handwriting on the wall. If they don’t join the party they will have to stand by and watch their market share erode.

    Most believe SeaDoo dropped out of the jet boat market because SeaDoo suffers from low reliability compared to Yamaha. SeaDoo was not selling the most boats, they only had a small market share compared to Yamaha.

  3. Greg

    Curtiss- Yamaha has been the #1 selling manufacturer in the 24 and 21 foot category for years. That’s not just for jet boats, that’s for all types of those sizes. I think it’s smart for other brands to try and compete with Yamaha. I’m not a Sea Doo fan at all since I think they make junk, but I’m very curious to see what Chap can do. I love their boats but would never trade my reliable Yamaha 242 LS for an I/O. Too bad they’re using a rotax engine!

  4. Patrick

    It’s not a dumb idea. It is a necessity as the supply of 3.0L and 4.3L engines continues to dry up. Manufacturers are having to go back to outboards and jet engines due to this. SeaRay is going to use Weber engines and not the BRP product.
    BRP exited the boat manufacturing market because:
    A.They are heavily in debt.
    B. They are getting ready for an IPO and need to look profitable.
    and C. They are owned by Bain Capital (majority) which has no interest in making boats. They have an interest in selling of bits and pieces of BRP.

  5. james braselton

    hi there can not wait for jet boats domanate the 24 foot too 42 foot cabin cruser with heat waves getting worse stay in cabin running ac alot

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