Coast Guard blames sequester for patrol cuts

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As a result of federal sequestration cuts, the Coast Guard suspended its routine patrols of potentially vulnerable terror targets — including San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge and the air intake vents for the Transbay Tube.

“I never expected to see it in my lifetime, but you don’t move your boats,’’ said one Coast Guard officer who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Coast Guard units were ordered to cut back on fuel consumption to save money, leaving them with a choice between search-and-rescue missions and scaling back on Homeland Security duties, such as boat patrols of critical infrastructure, Sunday’s report states.


One comment on “Coast Guard blames sequester for patrol cuts

  1. oldshortguy

    Here we go again.

    Just as the FAA decided to play politics with air safety, by NOT cutting any NON-ESSENTIAL expenditures and crying wolf, here comes the COAST GUARD attempting the same politic.

    I just don’t believe that this honorable service can not find other expenditures and activities to reduce, and focus the resources we the taxpayer provide, to their primary purpose.

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