Fundraising ongoing for Boston-area boat owner

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There are lots of funds being raised for the victims of the bombings last week at the Boston Marathon finish line, but a recent campaign is seeking help for an unusual victim — the owner of the boat that one of the suspects hid out in during a shootout with police.

A campaign on Crowdtilt launched by Craig Dunlap, who didn’t return Trade Only Today’s email request for comment, asks donors to give until $50,000 is raised to replace or restore Watertown, Mass., resident David Henneberry’s boat.

police0423Press reports identified the boat as a 20-plus-foot Chris-Craft Sea Hawk; a participant at The Hull Truth forum says he thinks the boat is a Performer 24.

Readers who believe they can identify the boat are welcome to comment at Trade Only’s website.

“That boat’s his baby. He takes care of it like you wouldn’t believe. And they told him it’s all shot up,” Henneberry’s friend and neighbor, George Pizzuto, told ABC News. “He’s going to be heartbroken.”

The account on Crowdtilt, a site that helps pool money for causes, was launched Saturday, just a day after Watertown police apprehended bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Boston area residents had just been allowed to roam freely after being on lockdown all day when Henneberry went outside and saw blood on his boat, according to several media reports. After peeking inside, he called authorities.

“Yesterday, the Boston Police heroically found the missing suspect behind the tragic Marathon Bombing. Thank God we got him! But unfortunately he was hiding in Watertown resident David Henneberry’s boat, which was riddled with bullet holes in the standoff,” Dunlap wrote on the campaign page. “Let’s pool some money for repairs! I’m putting in $500 myself to start this off. David’s a modern American hero. The boat will probably be held up as evidence for some time, so if we’re able to get up to $50,000 then he’ll be able to get a brand new boat!”

His most recent posting Monday night said: “I can’t believe that we’ve crossed $6,000 …  this is such an amazing outpouring of support for David. I’m so proud to be a part of it with y’all … let’s keep going and get our friends to support David in this tough time for him and his family. Every little bit counts. Let’s get him a new boat!

At last check this morning, the campaign had raised $7,475.22.

Click here for the ABC News story about the damage to Henneberry’s boat.

Click here to visit the Crowdtilt page.

— Compiled by Reagan Haynes


12 comments on “Fundraising ongoing for Boston-area boat owner

  1. Craig Travis

    Baby or not there is no way in hell that boat is worth $50K. Besides the boat should be insured. No wonder he wont respond for comment! Shame on him for doing such a thing and shame on “Crowdtilt” for supporting it!

  2. Boston Boater

    According to the Mass. registration data the boat is a 1981 24′ built by Falcon Engineering. Looking at the USCG MIC database, it looks as though it’s a Seabird.

  3. vissionquest

    I would hope this boat owner is made whole again, but after the deductable, isn’t it the insurance company that stands to gain in this effort?

  4. enginecom

    FRP can be repaired. There are several good fiberglass shops in the Boston area who could possibly do that job. Bullets when hitting laminate will deflect and delaminate the glass resin bond. It may be a total but can’t make a judgement from the few photos provided. Fortunately there are many boats available in that configuration if enough funds are generated to replace it. Such a shame, especially near the season!

  5. Joe

    I think this a noble gesture and certainly the owner acted bravely and could have been killed himself. Insurance might not pay under the terrorist exception. Owner deserves an upgrade.

  6. boatman11

    People should be donating to those who lost limbs, not to replace an old boat that should have been insured. This ’cause’ is in very poor taste.

  7. Larry Russo, Sr.

    I learned that the City of Boston Police and Firefighters Unions have offered a $50,000 reward for information leading directly to the capture of the suspect(s). The reward was announced in an AP story in the Boston Globe dated April 16. Based on all the evidence, Mr. Henneberry will likely be receiving $50,000. In addition, he is likely entitled to property damage insurance from the City of Watertown Police Department for property damage. Furthermore, he may have his own insurance on the boat. In any event, Mr. Henneberry will be more than fairly compensated for his loss of property.

    Those that wish to raise funds to buy him a new boat are misguided. Their thoughts and efforts of good deeds and goodwill should be directed to the victims of this tragedy, not to the boat owner. In my opinion, Mr. Henneberry is not a hero, he is just a good citizen. He simply placed a phone call and the real heroes came and did real, heroes work. We should all stand-down, for what ever period of time it takes, to let this story play out.

    Larry Russo, Sr.
    Russo Marine
    Boston, MA

  8. Larry from the corner

    I don’t think insurance would cover this type of damage. Most policies exclude acts of war. Not sure where police actions fall in typical policies. Any insurance agents care to weigh in?

    He may also not have carried repair insurance on such an old boat. Not his fault this guy choose his boat.

  9. Repus Wej

    If insured, I dare any insurance company to deny coverage for this incident due to an exclusion.

  10. Phin Sprague

    I think he should fix the boat and use it. What a great story and connection to a significant historical event! It is more than a boat today.

  11. CJCotter

    It was reported this morning (Wednesday) on one of the national news networks that Henneberry was telling people to send the money to those who were injured in the Boston bombings. Worse-come-to-worse, if he gets no money at all, he could write the loss off on his tax return.

  12. Mike Heller

    Are you all nuts?
    This will be a piece of history like Bonnie and Clydes car.
    You dont want to fix this.
    This will be a reminder of the time we got those bastards.
    Larry Russo looked it up for me: it’s a 1981 Sea Bird built by Falcon Marine in Richmond Va.

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