HULL OF A TOUR: Ready for a roaring good time

Posted on Written by Wanda Kenton Smith
Wanda Kenton Smith

This Friday, a merry band of boaters and bikers will lift their kickstands and launch from Legendary Marine and the Legendary Yacht Club in Destin, Fla., for a grand 10-day epic adventure across America on motorcycles.

Along the scenic route, which encompasses nearly 3,000 miles, others will join us, with about 20 total in the caravan. We’ll wind the back roads as we cruise through northwest Florida to Natchez, Miss.; Dallas to Lubbock, Texas; Santa Fe to Farmington, N.M.; Williams, Ariz., to Las Vegas; and Palm Desert, Calif., to San Diego.

We’ll visit antebellum homes, taste our way through the Santa Fe Trail of Chocolate, ride the rim of the Grand Canyon, play in Vegas, scale a mountain on an aerial tram and no doubt enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

kentonsmith0430“Boaterz ’n Bikerz Across America — A Hull of a Tour” is composed of marine industry and recreational boaters who love motorcycling. When I planned this tour — No. 1 on my bucket list — the goal was to incorporate boating adventures along the way. Sponsors have made that possible. Legendary Marine is hosting our launch party Friday night, plus providing boats/fuel/captains to escort our group in style to Destin Harbor for a waterfront dinner.

At daybreak Saturday, it’s off to Natchez, and then on to Dallas, where our friends at Marina International are toasting our arrival with a sunset wine-and-cheese cruise aboard a fabulous 90-foot charter on Lake Grapevine.

biketour0430South Coast Yachts is celebrating the finale with a welcome barbecue and a fun afternoon of boating aboard beautiful Beneteau sailboats and powerboats on San Diego Bay. We couldn’t do this trip without My-Villages and Southeast Marine Sales & Service, which helped pay the costs of our transport/support truck and crew. And of course, you’ll be reading this blog throughout the trip, courtesy of our official media sponsor, Soundings Trade Only Today.

I look forward to sharing this awesome adventure with you.

Wanda Kenton Smith is an award-winning, 31-year marine industry marketing veteran based in Destin, Fla. She is president of Kenton Smith Marketing ( and president of Marine Marketers of America. She will file occasional reports on her tour across America.

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5 comments on “HULL OF A TOUR: Ready for a roaring good time

  1. Norm Schultz

    Wanda is the dean of marine marketing – always a leader with new ideas and never a dull moment! We’re looking forward to the reports. Knowing Wanda, it won’t be just your routine adventure! Travel safe.

  2. Michael Sciulla

    This kind of cross-lifestyle gathering of bikers and boaters along with Dave Pilvelait’s effort to mix golfers and boaters could lead to some interesting marketing opportunities.
    Have a great time and a safe trip!

  3. Sandy Racinski

    Sounds like a rip-roaring, definitely epic trip! I hope it puts a smile on your face to know that I learned to spell in Mississippi and had my first boating experience there. Congrats on reaching your #1 bucket list goal. Success is in the journey and I am sure each destination will be fun and memorable. Looking forward to the blog and your safe return.

  4. Katie Kiester

    Anything you are involved with can only be fun and fabulous!! Blessings for a safe trip and I’ll look forward to living the adventure vicariously through your blog! Go Wonder Wanda!!

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