Obama administration releases ocean policy plan

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The Obama administration released this week its final plan for translating the National Ocean Policy into action.

The plan focuses on improving coordination to speed federal permitting decisions; better managing ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources; developing and disseminating scientific information that local communities, industries and decision-makers can use; and collaborating more effectively with state, tribal and local partners, marine industries and other stakeholders.

“This plan embodies the type of efficient, collaborative government that taxpayers, communities and businesses expect from their federal government,” Nancy Sutley, chairwoman of the Council on Environmental Quality and co-chairwoman of the National Ocean Council, said in a statement.

“With increasing demands on our ocean, we must improve how we work together, share information and plan smartly to grow our economy, keep our ocean healthy and enjoy the highest benefits from our ocean resources, now and in the future.”

Click here for the full press release and click here for the full implementation plan.

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4 comments on “Obama administration releases ocean policy plan

  1. rvrvwmike

    Yeah Right! “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” I bet there will be “revenue enhancements” packed into this.

  2. Ed Foley

    A person cannot believe ANYTHING coming out of Washington unless they are simply ignorant or very naive. Why doesn’t the Federal government start by getting foreign oil exploration and commercial fishing OUT of US waters? How can you tell a politician is lying? They are speaking. This is just more ‘lip service’ to the ignorant ‘minions’ who might buy this load of pump-out material…

  3. Mark

    Yeah Right.. This administration is all about raising one thing.. taxes.. Those will be the things that are hiden in the his BS.. How about rvrvwmike emailing or putting on this webside the specifics of his plan.. All Obama does well is talk.. does not explain anything he does. Why has it taken 5 years to try and help the marine industry.. This is one industry that needs a lot of help.. but helps us all if its from the government.

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