ABC 2013: QUOTE-UNQUOTE: Paul Ryan and others take the podium

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abc0509WASHINGTON — The keynote speaker for this morning’s opening event at the American Boating Congress in Washington, D.C., was Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s former running mate, who has proposed changes to Medicare.

Here are excerpts from his talk. Friday’s Trade Only Today will include a full report.

“The election didn’t go exactly how we planned. We are trying to figure out now how to make a divided government work.”

“I was up in northern Wisconsin last weekend, and the ice was still 20 inches on the lakes. Global warming? I tell you.”

On debt spending and deficits: “We have to spend less money. We’re spending money we don’t have. We’ll have a debt crisis like Europe if we keep going down this path.”

Ryan said people won’t go out and buy a bass boat with the debt and deficit problems we have.

On the impact of grassroots lobbying, such as what is taking place at ABC this week: “If you don’t come up here and talk about your business and boating … no one will know your story.”

Ryan said there is a body of water within a mile of everyone in Wisconsin. It’s part of “our culture.” But getting out on the water requires discretionary income.

On bipartisanship: “The question is, will the White House allow a more centrist agenda to occur? I just don’t know the answer to that.”

In response to a question about Asian carp and combating invasive species in the Great Lakes: “This is a serious threat to our Great Lakes ecosystem. What I’m told is the [electric barrier] fence isn’t enough. This isn’t a partisan thing.”

On President Obama’s health care law: “You ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s a real fiasco. It’s a train wreck. You’re in a tight-margin business, and it’s competitive. … What we see happening is an implosion of the employee-based health care system.”

*    *    *

Here are excerpts from others who spoke this morning.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who owns a 54-foot Sea Ray:

“I love boating. I’m from a mountain state, West Virginia. Who would think?”

“I grew up on boats. My grandfather owned boats. Boating keeps you together. When I’m not boating I’m thinking about them.”

On ethanol in gasoline, which he has voted against: “This is crazy. Using food products to produce fuel. It doesn’t make sense.”

On bipartisanship, Manchin said he makes sure to take crew from both sides of the aisle when he heads out on his boat: “I’ve said I will not be held hostage by guilt by conversation.”

*    *    *

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation president Frank Peterson:

“Fishing from a boat is at the highest level it’s been in eight years.”

“Only two of 50 states let you buy a license with a mobile device.”

*   *     *

Mercury Marine president and NMMA board chairman Mark Schwabero:

“We’re not here as the NMMA alone, but as a very unified marine organization. I look forward to the coming years, when the voice gets even stronger.”

*    *    *

NMMA president Thom Dammrich:

“We are an ecosystem. Anything that affects one segment ultimately will affect us all. That’s why it’s important we come together with one voice on issues that affect our industry.”

— William Sisson


7 comments on “ABC 2013: QUOTE-UNQUOTE: Paul Ryan and others take the podium

  1. P Newman

    Could Paul Ryan be any more of an idiot or an embarrassment to the United States. Is he really the best that the industry could get for the keynote speaker?

  2. Rob Jones

    Ryan makes Dan Quayle look like a genius. Why can’t we find any intelligent Republicans to run, there’s plenty of them out there but we keep picking the loud mouth know nothings.

    And why couldn’t our industry find someone better for the keynote speaker.

  3. zyxw

    Paul Ryan, the master of ideas the country resoundingly rejected in the last election is our keynote speaker? The industry needs to look forward, not embrace failed ideas of the past.

  4. No Labels

    I am shocked that you would give eight inches of of “coverage” to a three-minute partisan speech by Rep. Paul Ryan who did little more than throw red meat to the audience.
    Sen. Joe Manchin by contrast spoke at length and gave not only an intelligent and insightful talk but also waxed eloquently about his passion for boating and how he uses his 54-ft. Sea Ray to take lawmakers of both parties out on the water and encourage them to work together to solve the serious problems facing this country.
    The best thing about your coverage – that great picture of the Capitol Dome at night!

  5. Dana R

    Have to admit – I thought I would be impressed being in the presence of a former VP candidate. But after hearing the same old rhetoric that cost him the election, some industry name-dropping so it would seem like he knew what he was talking about, and then quickly throwing it to the audience for questions, it was clear to me that Rep Ryan had nothing of value to say about our industry. He was also late. On the other hand, I didn’t know much about Sen. Manchin prior to yesterday, but his on-time, “insightful and intelligent” [No Labels – you said it best] speech clearly demonstrated his passion for boating and his enthusiasm about our industry. We need more speakers like him.

    Also, Rep. Ryan wasn’t listed in the program as the keynote speaker, and he wasn’t introduced that way.

    That said, as a first-time ABC attendee, I thought the rest of the morning’s program was informative, enlightening and relevant. The NMMA Staff did a great job organizing the event and ensuring we were well prepared for Capitol Hill visits. We had 2 great meetings with key staff of our local Reps and they appreciated the quality of the materials we left with them.

    Oh and one last thing – for rayboat – Rep Ryan didn’t say a word about having a boat. So we can only assume that he doesn’t.

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