BoatUS backs repeal of ethanol mandate in Florida

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BoatUS is asking members to help repeal Florida’s ethanol mandate by asking Gov. Rick Scott to sign House Bill 4001.

A state law that passed in 2008 requires that all gasoline sold in Florida contain between 9 and 10 percent ethanol. Although there is an exception for fuel sold for use in boats, the law has made finding ethanol-free fuel more difficult, the group said in a statement.

HB 4001, which would repeal the mandate, has passed the legislature and awaits Scott’s signature.

“Boat Owners Association of the United States recognizes that renewable fuels are an important part of our nation’s overall energy future and that boaters over the past few years have had some challenges with ethanol,” the group said in a statement. “While there can be honest differences of opinion over the merits of using corn-based ethanol as a renewable fuel source, it is clear that many boaters still want options.”

Although boat owners can currently find ethanol-free fuel in some marinas, the state mandate has made it more difficult to find it at gas stations and convenience stores. Although gasoline with ethanol may cost less than ethanol-free gasoline, it also contains less energy, requiring more trips to the pump, the group said.

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3 comments on “BoatUS backs repeal of ethanol mandate in Florida


    methanol is also bad for all my landscaping equipment as well. please repeal the mandate

  2. RobbieDaniels

    Can’t even buy non-ethanol fuel in the largest city in Volusia County(Deltona).
    When I go fishing, I have to use ethaol fuel due to unavailability of pure gasoline.
    Had numerous fuel-related repairs to my outboard motor.
    I hate ethanol fuel…period.

  3. Kurt

    Ethanol sounded good while what we heard of it had good intentions. What we have learned it is mearly an avenue for corn farmers to get rich. As far as going green not so much nothing will stabilize this stuff. It turns acidic and causes server engine damage. The biggest factor is right out of the gate ethanol achieves 7-10% less fuel economy while it also reduces your engines horsepower. We know that today ethanol is an energy looser. It’s a good thing Floridians have sized up to this sham. Algenol is also the next scam 100’s of millions of dollars wasted if state county and federal grants of these fassad companies touting Jobs. Today after 8years there has been no return on investment and they still do not know which Algae to use….besides there would be too much eveironmental impact to produce enough to make it possible in the first place. Enough is enough!!! Electric and solar is really the future of going green. Nothing is gained by using ethanol.

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