Massachusetts sues NOAA over fishing restrictions

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Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley is suing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, alleging it using flawed science to restrict the fishing industry in the Northeast.

Coakley told reporters Thursday that the government’s recent enforcement and regulation of the fish stock represents a “callous disregard for the well-being of New England fishermen,” according to Cape Cod Today.

The suit aims to block the new rules from being further enforced or implemented, as well as provide relief to mitigate the impact that has already been felt.

The complaint, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Boston, seeks to block a recently adopted 77 percent reduction in groundfish allotments across the region that began May 1. Documents alleged that the cuts were based on antiquated stock assessments and unfounded methods, the article reported.

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One comment on “Massachusetts sues NOAA over fishing restrictions

  1. enginecom

    Martha is finally working for the people of the Commonwealth. The problem with NOAA is they don’t use population science when doing their studies. Really they should just leave the industry alone or regulate how effective the boats are via net size electronic etc. The populations if are too low will cause the fisherman to not make enough to support their boats so they will go out of business. It’s a supply model and would remove the government from most of the picture. The demoncrats want to control everything and regulate this industry to death. They have tried everything to prevent fishing. Few fish means fewer fisherman.

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