New England Boatworks agrees to pay EPA fine

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The Environmental Protection Agency announced this week that New England Boatworks will pay a $31,500 penalty and take steps to reduce its emissions of volatile organic compounds from paints and thinners used at its Portsmouth, R.I., facility under a settlement with the agency to resolve allegations of Clean Air Act violations.

Under the agreement, New England Boatworks must also obtain a Clean Air Act permit from the state of Rhode Island that caps the facility’s emissions of volatile organic compounds and requires the use of paints and other coatings that meet low-VOC standards.

“Paint used by New England Boatworks emitted excess levels of VOCs, which can cause human health problems and which also contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, a primary constituent of smog,” the EPA said in a press release.

“New England Boatworks is very concerned about the environment and we always have been. We will continue to look at more environmentally friendly paints,” Tom Rich, a co-owner of the business, told Trade Only Today.

“New England Boatworks has also reached out to the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association to help educate other boatyards and marine facilities on staying in compliance with environmental regulations,” Rich added.


5 comments on “New England Boatworks agrees to pay EPA fine

  1. Frontier Realist

    I wonder how much the EPA spent in tax dollars to collect the $31,500. Not to mention the lost hours NEB personnel and their lawyer spent putting up with this.

  2. DPM


    Obviously you have an issue with NEB. Remember, the EPA has an issue with everyone…..including the yards you have no issue with.

  3. Old hand

    In case you forget; RI is the least business friendly state in the union, and also has among the highest unemployment.
    Why would anyone try to do business here?

  4. RI Supporter

    # Old Hand.

    In case you forget: RI leads the way in terms of supporting the marine industry, with no sales tax on boats. Our congressional delegation, our state and local governments are very much aware of how important the marine industry is here and they go out of their way to try and support us.

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