Rec Boat Holdings will enter jetboat market

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Rec Boat Holdings, builder of the Four Winns, Glastron and Wellcraft brands, today announced its entry into the jetboat segment, relaunching the Scarab brand as a jetboat line and adding two new jet models in the Glastron line.

The new boats from Rec Holdings are scheduled to roll out as soon as this summer. A long-term supply agreement with BRP’s Marine Propulsion Systems division enables the company to power the new boats with its quality Rotax 4-TEC 1503 jet propulsion system.

“The Scarab launch and entrance into the jet segment is the next evolution for the company and is part of the overall business plan of expansion and investment in the marine segment,” Rec Boat Holdings president Roch Lambert said in a statement.

Since the acquisition by Platinum Equity three years ago, Rec Boat Holdings has invested heavily in new product development to bring the boat companies back to today’s market with all-new designs from bow to stern. At its dealer meeting last August, the company introduced all-new product lines for Four Winns and Glastron, displaying more than 40 new models. The company has recently introduced new interior packages on many Wellcraft models as the brand begins the same return to the marketplace.

“The Scarab name carries a tremendous amount of brand equity,” Lambert said in a statement. “A segment of the marine market that has been previously occupied by a limited number of jetboat makers will now open up with a high-profile brand from a builder with expertise in boat manufacturing and jet propulsion.”

The new line of Scarab jet-powered boats will be a competitor in the fiberglass runabout category. The company plans to recruit high-performing dealers in key markets around the world that will grow the business with a new brand product in the segment.

In addition to the new line of Scarab models, the company will introduce two new jetboats for Glastron. The new Glastron models will be powered by the Rotax marine engines, as well, and are designed to fit within the all-new GT series of boats.

The company is the second boatbuilder this week to announce that it is entering the jetboat market, coming just days after Chaparral announced its decision to break into the segment.

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4 comments on “Rec Boat Holdings will enter jetboat market

  1. Chris Foster

    I don’t get it. BRP gives up on jet boats completely and then Brunswick, Chaparral, and now Rec Boat want in. What do they know about the jet boat market that looks so optimistic? I don’t understand what has changed in the market place that would make them think a “not so new” technology suddenly is such a great idea when it has never been all that successful previously.

  2. Bob Pontoon

    Apparently Chaparral and Rec Boats feel the scaps left from BRP are better than the growing pontoon market. Now with Sea Ray, Rec Boats, Chaparral, and Yamaha into jets how big will that market grow? It will be interesting to see!

  3. Tim

    Why a Scarab?
    Only a Scarab is a Scarab…Deep V i/o !! Don’t mess with success, leave it alone.
    You wont find magic in the Scarab name turning the name into something it is not meant to be! The Scarab customer that is still loyal to the name will simply go to another deep v off shore builder, you will lose him forever. Please don’t kill the Scarab!
    This is part of the problem in our industry today. Every one is DESPERATE for a sale at the cost of regurgitation of a recognized name at any cost.
    I have been this business over 40 years and it saddens me the best days are not to come, they are behind us.
    Tim in Florida

  4. Eddy

    BRP Obviously got out due to a shrinking and/or limited market. Or maybe because they knew about all the new players about to enter it and figured out that it’s more profitable to simply sell the power to them.

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