VIDEO: Sea Ray sees future in jetboats

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jetboat0517Consumers find them fun to drive — that’s the obvious appeal of jetboats. They are quick, responsive and maneuverable.

But Brad Anderson, vice president of marketing and planning for the Brunswick Recreational Boat Group, told me at this week’s Sea Ray press event in Vonore, Tenn., that the jetboat offers much more than a high fun factor. The design allows for shallow-water operation and the absence of a propeller increases the perception of overall safety, he said.

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Sea Ray introduced two jetboats — the 21 and 24 — and four new deckboats, including two new outboard-powered models, at the press event at its facility on Tellico Lake. In this interview Anderson also explains why outboards are becoming a more popular choice on deckboats.

— Chris Landry


7 comments on “VIDEO: Sea Ray sees future in jetboats

  1. Curtis

    I will give them 2 years and with disappointing sales they will drop the line.
    #1 nobody in the US has ever heard of the engine or jet pump. So for maintance they will have to take to a Searay dealer and how many parts are they really going to carry. It will be weeks before they see parts.
    #2 I think the upholstery looks kinda cheap, not up to Searay standards

  2. CS

    Wow so innovative, Sea Ray takes a picture of Yamaha jet boats around the corner from their factory in Venore and all of a sudden Jet boats are cool. Thanks for letting us know Sea Ray. Yamaha kicked BRPs but in this segment and you don’t stand a chance.

  3. Eddy

    What am I missing here ? BRP gets out due to a slowing demand for jetboats and Brunswick sees growth in the segment ? And in their further brilliance decides that an obscure power train from Germany is the best choice ? At least glastron is smart enough to use BRP engines.

  4. Garry Nicholson

    Great Innovation! This boat is really inspiring and impressive. The jetboat is very wonderful and the interior was really brilliant. But the most important when you buy this kind of boat is the motor.

  5. james braselton

    hi there searay is realy behind the times yamaha seedoo been building big bow rider jet boats long time searay needs too go too sundancer jet boats 240 260 300 sundancer jet boats its soo hot i need cabin ac generator i hope cabin jet boats gets released with in 2 years

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