Florida law repeals ethanol mandate

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A Florida state lawmaker’s effort to repeal a requirement that all gasoline sold in the state have some ethanol in it has succeeded with the passage of a bill Gov. Rick Scott signed last Friday.

“It’s one more mandate off the books,” state Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, who has been trying to achieve the repeal since he took office in 2010, told Northwest Florida Daily News.

Service stations can continue to sell gas containing ethanol if they wish, Gaetz said. Last year Gaetz neutered the 2008 law requiring ethanol use by getting legislation passed that said businesses could not be sanctioned for selling ethanol-free gas.

State Sen. Greg Evers, R-Baker, sponsored the Senate version of the repeal bill.

“Big news,” Evers said. “It’s a great thing for all the residents of Florida.”

He said the new law could lead to lower prices at the pump.

“Hopefully, it will allow jobbers and distributors to bring more unblended fuel in and make it more accessible for older cars, small engines and boats,” he said. “Hopefully, it will even lower the cost of unblended fuel.”

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8 comments on “Florida law repeals ethanol mandate

  1. Virgil

    No Comments?? This is the best news that appeared here in the last month or two…..good for us, good for consumers, good for the Country if we could eliminate this boondoggle nationwide.

  2. Loren Schweizer

    Lower prices at the pump is small beer compared to the improvement in fuel economy we will all realize.
    My seat of the pants guesstimate is that the mandated ethanol contributed to a 10-15% decline in my car’s previous ‘Miles-To-Empty’ numbers.
    There are a few gas stations in South Florida currently offering ethanol-free fuel albeit at a premium to the normal 87-octane juice.

  3. Andrew

    This representative needs to use his capabilities and abilities in Washington, DC. The FEDS need to remove the mandate nationally so grains go back into food stuffs production where it belongs! Let the green movement legalize industrial hemp and turn their “grass” into gas and see how far they get!

  4. ole boat builder

    There is a web site you can go to that lists all of the ethanol free service stations (that have been reported by customers) in the United States. It’s a great site to find REAL gas.

    It is: http://pure-gas.org

  5. rick wyseman

    actually, with ethanol discounted to Gasoline, expect blends to continue to include ethanol, and ethanol free gas to be sold as a premuim. Currently, ethanol is trading at 38cent discount to unleaded why would a jobber stop blending, $$$$$

  6. Racerkat

    This is wonderful! We have no street vehicles newer than 2000 – a VW, Miata, Ford Escort and an Alfa – and I’m sure they will all be happier with some “real” gas – cars are not “vegetarians”!

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