Biggest superyacht? It’s the 590-foot Azzam … for now

Posted on Written by Michael LaBella

When it comes to boat envy, billionaires are in a different realm as they vie to own the largest superyacht  in the world.

The launch of the 590-foot Azzam — and its mystery owner — have bumped Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, at a mere 533 feet, from the top perch.

Prior to Eclipse, the 482-foot Prince Abdulaziz, owned by the Saudi royal family, held the record for 22 years. And before it, American billionaire Larry Ellison’s Rising Sun was the record holder at 454 feet and a $200 million price tag.

Azzam is not only the world’s largest superyacht, but it’s also the fastest, according to a report by CNN, with a top speed of more than 30 knots.

Building the yacht cost $605 million, which does not begin to consider the annual upkeep. In his book on the 187-foot Lady Linda, “Grand Ambition,” author G. Bruce Knecht writes that “operating and maintaining a yacht is at least 10 percent of what the thing cost.”

By that estimation, just keeping Azzam on the water could cost as much as $60 million a year.

Click here for the CNN report, which includes a slide show of Azzam’s launch.


2 comments on “Biggest superyacht? It’s the 590-foot Azzam … for now

  1. palm beach tide yacht club

    Is Palm Beacher Margorie Merrywether POST yacht ” Eagle” built over 70 + years ago still the largest yacht built in America ? Hope some of these tacky large container ships / yacht will be built in Rhode Island, Florida or someplace in the U.S.

  2. Mantalec

    Azzam was built for powerful Saudi billionaire Al-Waleed bin Talal who backed by oil money became a successful investor/businessman.

    He donates large sums of money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers thus supporting terrorism. Views 9-11 being the inevitable result of us policies, he also donate large sums of money to islamic universities that share his anti American and Israel views.

    Under the Obama adminsistration there has been a moritorium on oil / gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, public lands and the keystone pipeline. At same time Obama has declared a war on coal which provides 40% of US energy; EPA is shutting down coal power plants all over the country. This makes us more dependent on foreign oil (Arab oil) and basically funding those that hate the ideals of freedom and democracy.

    We need to kick liberals out of office that would have us dependent on foreign oil. We have our own oil but in the name of ecology they are ruining our economy but ultimately it will be the liberal mindset that brings down America.

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