GOST system alerts owner and prevents sinking

Posted on Written by Michael LaBella

A new 34-foot center console with triple Yamaha F300s that was equipped with a GOST NT-Evolution 2.0 wireless security and monitoring system was saved from sinking at a dock in the Bahamas recently when the GOST system’s high-water sensor alerted the owner to high water in the bilge.

The system included the GOST Wireless Water Resistant High Water Sensor, which alerted the owner, who was on the island when live bait aboard for an early morning fishing trip clogged his live well. Water quickly began to fill the bilge and the boat soon became overwhelmed with seawater.

“Our NT-Evolution 2.0 SM system aboard this brand-new boat detected the high water in the bilge immediately and the system automatically contacted the designated recipients via texts, emails and phone calls,” GOST national sales manager Parrish Westbrook said in a statement.

“The owner was able to respond to the situation right away and save his week-old boat, which otherwise would have sunk at the dock. Incidents like this are the reason many insurance companies offer premium discounts for boats equipped with GOST security, monitoring, tracking or surveillance systems.”

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2 comments on “GOST system alerts owner and prevents sinking

  1. Boatrite

    A great plug for Gost, but one has to ask how any well-designed boat with a plugged up livewell could sink in the first place. As with the cockpit drainage system, the seawater should have a natural path back to sea, not to the bilge.

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