ICOMIA releases new industry statistics report

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The International Council of Marine Industry Associations has been producing its Recreational Boating Industry Statistics book for almost 20 years, but says this year’s book is different.

“We agreed that after almost two decades it was time to move the production of the book from in-house to an external agency, and so our newly appointed design consultant Dima Ivanov, director of diversified marketing agency Liquid Scope Limited, created a complete revision for the 2012 edition,” ICOMIA secretary general Tony Rice said in a statement.

The result is an easy-to-use and more useful publication that was launched five months earlier than usual in order to meet readers’ expectations and maintain the currency of the information. The move also allows ICOMIA the time to provide an updated edition later in the year if new data become available.

In addition to the book itself, ICOMIA is offering subscribers raw-data Excel spreadsheets to assist people who want to do more detailed research. Full-price purchasers of the 2012 book will receive a free 12-month subscription to the 2013 ICOMIA Quarterly Economic Statistics Report — quarterly information on economic development — such as inflation rates, gross domestic product growth and unemployment — in 33 countries across the world.

Click here for the full release.

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