NMMA sees new emerging markets for boatbuilders

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association is touting three emerging markets as potential areas of export for boatbuilders.

The group is offering members a chance to visit and exhibit at several shows at a discount.

The NMMA is working closely with organizers of the new International Boat Show and Festival scheduled for Oct. 17-20 in Sanya, Hainan, China. The group is also spearheading a U.S. pavilion March 22-24, 2014, at the Cartagena Boat Show in Colombia.

And because the Korean government has loosened regulations on marine recreational activities and yacht use — now actively supporting growth of a recreational boating industry — the NMMA plans to return with an even larger North American presence June 12-15, 2014, at the Korea International Boat Show in Seoul, South Korea.

The group is also still supporting a U.S. presence in mature markets, offering members a chance to exhibit Nov. 19-21 at the Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam; Oct. 2-6 at the 52nd Genoa Boat Show in Italy; and May 22-25, 2014, at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in Queensland, Australia.

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3 comments on “NMMA sees new emerging markets for boatbuilders

  1. Julie Balzano

    Please feel free to contact me if interested in any of the above or all that the NMMA is doing to promote exports of American-made boats and products overseas… jbalzano@nmma.org


    South Korea already has an impressive maritime construction industry that build more steel ships per linear meter than any other country. American Manufacturers will pay to educate the public and get them interested, then the Korean government invest in building state of the art pleasure boat manufacturing factories and lease them at $1 per year to Korean businesses’s who will build their own brands in their own country which Koreans will buy over foreign built products.

    USA Govt. Is so far behind the curve in ship / boat building manufacturer’s are priced out of the market. EPA and bureaucracy are forcing manufacturers to move over seas.

    Sure you can tell me that Korea violates fair trade agreements but from what i can tell the USA is the only country paying attention and are losing all the jobs to prove it.

    It’s time for the USA government to look after their own like the Korean Government and most other governments do.

    It’s time for Americans to buy American!

  3. Bruce

    I fully agree with MANTALEC that American is losing to Korea,China and SE Asia when it comes to sales and jobs. The economy here is a paper tiger!

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