Ocean Alexander loses yacht in marina fire

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A new Ocean Alexander 85 was a total loss after it was involved in a fire last week at Roche Harbor Marina in Friday Harbor, Wash., where it was on display and for sale, the company announced.

The July 10 fire was contained to the motoryacht because of a quick response from the marina staff and the San Juan Island Fire Department, company president John Chueh said in a letter to customers.

“Ocean Alexander Marine Yacht Sales Inc. has a 35-plus-year relationship with the Pacific Northwest boaters and Roche Harbor Marina. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the local fire department, damage was contained to the vessel itself,” Chueh wrote. “We’re so very grateful there were no serious injuries in this incident.”

The staff at the marina moved surrounding vessels to prevent damage, he wrote. “We would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the efforts of the fire department for arriving in a very timely manner and making heroic efforts to save the vessel,” he wrote. “We also appreciate all guests at the marina cooperating fully with the fire department and Roche Harbor staff, such that access to the vessel was made available and helped greatly in controlling the fire,” he wrote.

The incident is under investigation.

Click here for the letter.

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