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A new documentary is focusing on the racing career of Reggie Fountain, founder of Fountain Powerboats and current offshore V-bottom world record holder.

The documentary, produced by American Performance Media, also focuses on Fountain’s contribution to Mercury outboards’ evolution to saltwater applications, said executive producer John Potts.

“He’s had a long career and a stellar career in performance boating,” Potts told Trade Only Today. “He’s had a very compelling story all throughout his life.”

The documentary follows Fountain throughout his racing and boatbuilding career, but only vaguely addresses the company’s sale to investors, Fountain’s contentious parting with new company leaders and the subsequent lawsuits that continue to play out between the parties, Potts said.

“He is the anchor of the story, and the history of the sport is the vehicle in which we follow his career,” Potts said. “And he’s a character on top of it. We also let that character come out in him. We tell that story, and his personality comes through, as well, in the interviews.”

The documentary details Fountain’s ongoing relationship with Mercury Racing. “Reggie was one of the first to be responsible for outboard engines’ saltwater applications,” Potts said.

In a documentary interview, Fountain says that in 1986 David Jones, the president of Mercury Marine at the time, approached him and asked for help increasing Mercury’s outboard presence in saltwater markets. “I think the timing is right for us [Fountain Powerboats] to enter the offshore center console market with a Fountain boat,” Fountain recounts in the documentary.

Fountain recruited offshore fishing tournament winners, including Dan Upton, Clifton Moss and Clayton Kirby, who told him the largest boat on the circuits was 25 feet. “I knew that we needed a boat a lot longer than that with more horsepower than what was available at that time in order to go over rough water faster and get the fishermen to their spots quicker,” Fountain said.

That led to the company’s first 31-foot center console with all the accoutrements the anglers said they needed. “In less than a year, Mercury made important changes in the materials and designs of their outboards,” Fountain said in the documentary. “We put those on our boats and have continued with our relationship with Mercury to this day.”

The one-hour documentary is scheduled to debut in the first quarter of 2014 and will be available for streaming and broadcast on a major cable sports network.

— Reagan Haynes


2 comments on “Documentary focuses on Reggie Fountain

  1. Bob Norton

    Reggie Fountain is a North Carolina pioneer in marine racing, boat design, building and contribution to the market development and promotion Mercury outboards.
    NorthAmerican Marine Solutions Inc. thanks American Performance Media for this documentary and awareness of the past but also the future value and contributions Reggie provides for NC Boat Building and the Racing industry. We support the future development of NC Marine Innovation Technology programs to include marine professionals like Reggie.

  2. John G. Douglas

    I have admired Mr. Fountains work -Racing as well as building for years and recently purchased a 27′ Fever and am eagar to enjoy it next spring … Remarkable background , and I understand Mr. Bill Gates was also impressed by his works…

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