Study sees ocean acidity hurting sea life

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A new study on an array of marine animals shows that all of them will suffer in different ways in the acidified oceans of coming decades.

That means rising carbon dioxide levels will trigger some profound reshuffling of life in the seas as some species are more hurt than others, according to a new report by Discovery magazine.

Because some of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels is sucked up by the oceans, it causes sea water to gradually become more acidic.

There have been many reports about ocean acidification affecting marine organisms, but the severity of the threat to ocean ecosystems — and we humans who depend on them — is not well understood.

In a new paper in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers document 167 studies that tested 153 species under a range of carbon dioxide concentrations.

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2 comments on “Study sees ocean acidity hurting sea life

  1. enginecom

    I love it when these so called scientist extrapolate all their data. As a degreed and experienced scientist the only data that matters is interpolative not extrapolative. Extrapolating has a unmeasured amount of uncertainty. Example, how rich the economy gets when the stock market is on an upswing. The question is what if the extrapolation is wrong and the values drop? They don’t go into this. What these chicken littles want to do is force us to pay more to live and use energy and to line their pockets. Their answers to rising CO2 levels are very drastic and are not proven to do anything except destroy industry, jobs and our lifestyle. Please do not give them the publicity they desire by publishing their crazy studies.

  2. Shanghai Jacket

    Point of fact, CO2 from all sources not just those from the burning of fossil fuels are soaked out by the oceans.

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