Letter urges EPA to relax ethanol mandate

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Four congressmen are asking other federal lawmakers to sign a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of lowering the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Now the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas is joining other groups asking for citizens to ask their own legislators to sign the letter.

Penned by U.S. Reps. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., Jim Costa, D-Calif., Steve Womack, R-Ark., and Peter Welsh, D-Vt., the letter asks the EPA to exercise its authority to protect American consumers and the economy.

“Last month, EPA conceded that the Renewable Fuel Standard will soon require more ethanol be blended into gasoline than can’t be safely blended into gasoline,” the letter says to fellow members of Congress. “Given this reality, we must urge the EPA to adjust the normally rigid RFS to recognize market conditions and realities.”

After outlining the challenges of the RFS, the letter to be sent to the EPA says the agency has explicitly acknowledged them. Recently the EPA asked Congress to revisit the mandate that it is required to uphold because it views the mandate as unfeasible.

“We understand that the EPA signaled its intention to address these concerns in the 2014 rulemaking and commend the EPA’s willingness to use the authority Congress granted to it when crafting the RFS,” the letter to the EPA stated. “The federal government can help avoid a dangerous economic situation by adjusting the normally rigid Renewable Fuel Standard mandate down to align with gasoline market conditions and realities.”

MRAA director of legislative affairs Larry Innis circulated the letter to members, asking them to reach out to members of Congress and ask that they sign the Goodlatte letter.

Click here for the full letter.


4 comments on “Letter urges EPA to relax ethanol mandate

  1. Curtis

    EPA is on a power trip
    The ethonal group has too much money
    They do not care about what is right
    Nothing will change
    Have a nice day

  2. Patrice

    I hope you are wrong, Curtis, that nothing will change. I do agree with your other comments. We are held hostage by too many agencies within our government.

  3. Robert Snow

    I presently work at an automotive supply store . I have worked in automotive parts sales for over 30 years .In all this time I have never seen the sales of gas treatments and other additives to combat the problem with Ethanol in gasoline at such great demand .Gasoline doesn’t last as long as it used to , it also has to be treated for use in 2cycle engines such as mowers , chainsaws , outboard motors and other 2cycle motors . I personally think they should take this out of fuel , make just two grades of fuel that being regular unleaded and a higher octane fuel for those who want to pay for it .Down with the Ethanol and let the corn be used for feed not fuel .

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