VIDEO: Innovation has shaped the last two decades

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What are the top 10 innovations in the last 20 years in the marine industry?

We asked a half dozen of the leading designers, builders and safety experts. GPS-generated electronic navigation, joystick helm control and computer-aided design stand out as the top three. The innovations fall under four categories: electronics, boat design and construction, safety and propulsion. New ideas, methods and products have made boating easier for consumers and boatbuilding more efficient and less time-consuming.

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The development of the 4-stroke outboard and cleaner, more efficient diesel engines, the increased use of resin-infused composite construction, the EPIRB and inflatable PFDs also rank high on the list. Surprises? Gyroscope stabilization.

“With every boat we draw now we have to have a planned space for [a gyroscope],” said Michael Peters, president of Michael Peters Yacht Design in Sarasota, Fla. “Five years ago we didn’t even think about this. It’s a huge development.”

We delve deep into these developments in the next issue of Trade Only.

— Chris Landry


One comment on “VIDEO: Innovation has shaped the last two decades

  1. Mike D

    I applaud the industry for continuing to drive innovation. It will be one of the determining factors of what keeps younger people interested in boating as an activity. Without innovation, boating will just be “their fathers Chevrolet”.

    My concern lies with how the industry is marketing itself. Is marketing, in the marine industry, innovative enough to catch the attention and dollars of younger, technology savvy prospects? Or, will other industries, which are competing for the same recreational dollar, going to win because they are more innovative in their marketing strategies?

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