Australian navy ship nabs Somali pirates

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An Australian navy ship captured Somali pirates who fired on a supertanker near the Horn of Africa before a navy helicopter blew up their skiffs.

HMAS Melbourne, which destroyed the pirates’ boats, was patrolling as part of a multinational anti-piracy task force, according to Business Insider Australia.

Nine men were arrested after a Seahawk helicopter traced the skiffs and guided the Royal Australian Navy warship to them 500 nautical miles off the Somali coast, according to a statement from the Combined Maritime Forces.

Once the pirates — who are also believed to have recently fired upon a Spanish fishing vessel — were off the skiffs, an Australian navy helicopter blew them up.

Two skiffs were destroyed, along with “associated pirate equipment.”

The Combined Maritime Forces are a cooperative effort among 29 countries that patrol international water, guarding against piracy.


3 comments on “Australian navy ship nabs Somali pirates

  1. Big Bill

    Well done to the Captain and Crew of the HMAS Melbourne.

    I certainly would be nice to see more of this type of response to the pirate situation.q5Cf

  2. Peter Robson

    They should have blown up the boats with the pirates in them. What a waste of resources to capture them and bring them to trial. We’re too soft on Somali pirates. If they knew they’d be killed if caught, instead of being coddled, they might just change professions.

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