Government shutdown delays rescue awards ceremony

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The Association for Rescue at Sea awards ceremony scheduled for today on Capitol Hill will not be held because of the government shutdown.

The directors of the association are working to reschedule and there will be a press release with that information in the near future.

Among others, the group was planning to honor Aviation Survival Technician 2nd Class Robert Emley for a lifesaving rescue while serving as a rescue swimmer aboard a Coast Guard helicopter.

The Northeast Regional Ocean Council meeting originally scheduled for Oct. 24 also was postponed because of the shutdown. It was tentatively rescheduled for Dec. 5.

The meeting had been set to discuss fall ocean and coastal planning, as well as provide more in-depth results for a comprehensive saltwater recreational boating study done in partnership with SeaPlan, the boating industry, New England, the Coast Guard and surveys from 12,000 boaters from Maine to New York.

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