Lone American on Cup winner set to speak in Rhode Island

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Sail Newport will host Rome Kirby, the Rhode Island-based member and only American on Oracle Team USA, in an event to talk about the team’s comeback to win the 34th America’s Cup.

The event will take place Nov. 1 at the Jane Pickens Theatre in Washington Square, Newport, R.I.

Key members of the design, shore and support teams of Oracle Team USA will join emcees Andy Green and Kenny Read onstage to share their stories and important roles in achieving the comeback.

Kirby is an alumnus of Sail Newport and the Ida Lewis Yacht Club.

Sail Newport also will host Dirk Kramers, Scott Ferguson, Sean Healey, Amory Ross, Mark Nicora, Kate Wilson and other special guests home from San Francisco, where the America’s Cup racing was held.

The doors will open at 5:30 p.m. Complimentary light fare will be served and a cash bar will be available.

The onstage presentation and Q&A start at 6:30 p.m.

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2 comments on “Lone American on Cup winner set to speak in Rhode Island

  1. tigerpilot

    Only one American on the winner for the USA? Is this what the America’s Cup has fallen to?
    The new ‘made for TV” event is so far from the intent of the initial Deed of Gift that is should have another name-maybe the World Speed Cup.
    The Deed of Gift was very clear-the challenger should represent the country for which it sailed and no one else. All crew were to be nationals, the boat and all appurtenances were to be constructed within the challenging country and any deviations were to be approved prior to the first race.
    The first chink in the armor was when foreign countries were permitted to purchase US made Dacron yarn for use in sail construction. Now we have almost totally foreign crews representing a country on boats sourced worldwide.
    John Paul Stevens must be spinning in his grave with the ‘modernization” of the cup races.

  2. John

    it amazies me that the American Boat that won the America’s Cup only had one American. There needs to be a overhaul of the process. If American guys can’t win it then it should go to the country that can.

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