Mares Catamarans relaunches with 45-footer

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The Mares Catamaran brand was relaunched after Mares International president Lenny Noble moved his molds to a new yard that builds up to 160 feet.

Noble said in a statement that the new 45-foot Mares catamaran has completed its sea trials and will be the first of the new Mares fleet to arrive in Fort Lauderdale on Oct. 21.

“This is the first of the Mares Catamarans to be built in a new yard capable of building yachts over 100 feet using state-of-the-art construction methods,” Noble said in an email. “We plan on building good-looking cats similar to a monohull look, but on a cat hull that gets all the advantages — stability, fuel efficiency, handling and so on.”

The company, which used to build to 90 feet, will begin launching larger models, the company announced.

Mares International has built power catamarans since 1985. It has incorporated modern technology, including pod drives and a foil assist in the tunnel, with its patented asymmetrical hull design.

The Mares hull forces air into the tunnel, allowing the vessel to ride on top of the waves rather than push through them, the company said, which translates to a faster boat that burns less fuel.

The new 45-foot Mares has two large staterooms equipped with a head and shower. The salon, which offers 360 degrees of visibility, includes an inside helm station, a galley and seating with a high-low table for dining.

It is offered as a flybridge or express style.

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2 comments on “Mares Catamarans relaunches with 45-footer

  1. Lorraine Jacobs

    This is very interesting! I do hope that you can share a photo of your 45-foot catamaran. I’d be so excited to see it. My dad loves catamarans and he is always checking what is new on the market. I will let him check this new catamaran by Mares.

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