Marinalife honors marina-contest winners

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Marinalife announced the winners of the fourth annual Best Marina Contest 2013.

Saybrook Point Marina, Inn and Spa in Old Saybrook, Conn., won Best Transient Marina, and River Dunes in Oriental, N.C., was given the award for Best Customer Service.

Saybrook Point Marina, located at the mouth of the Connecticut River, can accommodate vessels as large as 200 feet. Boaters can take advantage of the amenities that Connecticut’s first designated Clean Marina offers, including indoor and outdoor pools, an onsite restaurant and spa and concierge service.

“We are thrilled to be selected as Best Transient Marina 2013. This recognition welcomes the opportunity for new and repeat marina visitors to take advantage of the award-winning facility that the Saybrook Point Marina team prides themselves on each and every day,” marina manager Abbie McAllister said in a statement.

River Dunes offers boaters access to a protected harbor with amenities. Marinalife said employees are continuously going to great lengths to ensure that every person on board receives the highest-quality service.

“River Dunes is very proud and honored to receive this national award. We strive to cater to each and every marina visitor, in hopes that they leave with every intention to come back and enjoy a fabulous experience at our facility,” marketing manager Sherwood Crawford said in a statement.

Two-time winner Nantucket Boat Basin in Nantucket, Mass., was voted runner-up for Best Transient Marina. Dog River Marina in Mobile, Ala., was voted runner-up for Best Customer Service.

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