Marinas International signs deal to manage Florida facility

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Marinas International was awarded a management contract for the Bradenton Boat Club on Florida’s west coast.

The boat club is a drystack facility on the Intracoastal Waterway with the capacity to serve more than 300 boating customers. In addition to rack and slip storage, the club offers amenities such as watercraft rental, brokerage, boat detailing, marine service and ample courtesy dockage for its members.

The boat club was acquired a little more than two years ago by a real estate professional from Lafayette, La.

Based in Dallas, Marinas International manages storage options at 25 marinas in 12 states.

“We have been an industry leader in professional marina management for almost 30 years, and we are thrilled to welcome the Bradenton Boat Club into our family of marinas,” managing partner Gregg Kenney said in a statement. “[The boat club] will be a valuable addition to our portfolio, and we couldn’t be more excited about our new relationship with BBC and its ownership.”

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