MRAA seeks applicants for new scholarship

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The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas Educational Foundation and Spader Business Management are seeking applicants for a newly announced scholarship.

The Duane Spader Leadership Development Scholarship was founded to honor the marine industry service of Spader Business Management founder Duane Spader and his leadership philosophy of lifelong learning. The recipient, who receives the full $14,875 tuition to attend the Spader Leadership Development Program, must be an employee of an MRAA retail member. The recipient will be responsible only for travel expenses.

The 15- to 18-month program is for current and future leaders and involves five three-day sessions at Spader’s training facility in Sioux Falls, S.D. Between sessions, participants are tasked with putting what they’ve learned to work in their dealership and tracking the results of those efforts.

“The Spader Business Management team chose to base this scholarship on our leadership development program because of the tremendous impact it has on the personal and professional lives of participants,” principal program trainer David Spader said in a statement. “It is the perfect way to highlight Duane’s service to the marine industry and is well-timed since Duane just graduated from the program as a participant.”

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