Riviera and Belize plan new-boat debuts in Lauderdale

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The latest new models from Australia’s Riviera and Belize will make their American debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which runs Oct. 31-Nov. 4.

The show will mark the official U.S. release of Riviera’s new 565 SUV, the second model in the new SUV range, with sleeping capacity for six to seven adults in three cabins.

Riviera international sales director Chris McCafferty said there has been strong interest in the new SUV collection with 18 new 445 SUVs sold since the official world release last August.

“I anticipate the new 565 SUV will appeal to the astute American boater because it combines the high performance, bluewater cruising and fish-raising abilities of the classic Flybridge with the popular single-level entertaining characters of Riviera’s Sport Yacht series,” McCafferty said in a statement.

McCafferty said the new Belize Motoryacht line also has attracted a lot of interest from boating enthusiasts in markets around the world.

“The Belize 54 that recently arrived in the U.S. is hull No. 8, which demonstrates the immediate acceptance of Belize and is a huge vote of confidence for the Belize Motoryacht brand,” McCafferty said. “We are absolutely thrilled to have the first Belize here in the U.S. and our dealers look forward to presenting this stunning vessel at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.”

The 54th annual Fort Lauderdale show is the largest in-water boat show, encompassing 3 million square feet of space on land and in water across six sites.

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