VIDEO: Gemeco unveils ‘virtual toolbox’ app

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More and more marine companies are using mobile device applications to help their customers locate, buy and install their products. Case in point: Gemeco’s iOS app “iNstall.”

Check out this video interview with Gemeco general manager Peter Braffitt at the recent International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference. He demonstrated the app, calling it “a virtual toolbox of technical resources and diagnostic information.”

Click play to watch.

“We’re simplifying the selection and installation of Airmar Technology products,” Braffitt said. “This app puts all the answers right in the palm of their hands.”

Use the app to select the right transducer, calculate the bottom coverage, identify the correct tilt angle or order the right cable to install the latest marine electronics.

The app is free and designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod smartphones and tablets running iOS 6.1 and newer. Find it at the Apple App Store by searching for “Gemeco” or by going to

Gemeco, based in Lake City, S.C., is a wholesale distributor to thousands of marine electronics dealers.

iNstall functions include:

• Transducer selection

• Tilt measurement

• Wiring diagrams

• Installation guides

• Transducer brochures

• Mix-and-match guide

• Bottom coverage

• Magnetic field

• Wiresizer

• Temp sensor testing

• EDI depth test data

• Access to Gemeco’s website and customer service center via email

— Chris Landry

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