21 MarineMax employees gain ABYC certification

Posted on Written by Michael LaBella

The American Boat and Yacht Council certified 21 MarineMax employees from store locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.

Each employee tested in Marine Systems, which includes key information from 21 ABYC standards as they apply to boat component selection and installation.

“MarineMax will strive to certify as many employees as possible to offer the best customer service experience to our customers,” MarineMax operations support manager Jim Shepard said in a statement. “We strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards that our customers have come to expect from MarineMax.”

The students received their certifications via ABYC’s Fast Trac, a program developed by the council’s educational department that allows technicians to become certified in a shorter period of time. Certification classes are normally held for four days at various locations. With Fast Trac, students receive study materials in the mail, have direct contact with the ABYC instructor, and test in one location about four weeks later.

“We cannot be more proud of the commitment that MarineMax has made to boating safety by having their employees certified by ABYC,” ABYC educational director Ed Sherman said.

In addition to Marine Systems, additional certifications available on the Fast Trac program are Marine Electrical; Gasoline Engines; Diesel Engines; and Standards. Certifications require renewal every five years. Participants become ABYC Master Technicians when they receive three certifications.

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One comment on “21 MarineMax employees gain ABYC certification

  1. Harold (Russ) DeMarco

    R & D Marine would like to congratulate those employees who have been certified from ABYC’s program. Understanding marine systems is key to safety on the water.

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