FLIBS 2013: SeaVee debuts twin-stepped hulls in Z Series

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FORT LAUDERDALE — SeaVee Boats announced a trio of center consoles Thursday with twin-stepped hulls — its Z Series — for better efficiency and overall performance.

The 390 Z is on display at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center. The 320 and 340 will be introduced at the Miami International Boat Show in February.

Ocean5 Naval Architects designed the hull, which delivers improved efficiency and overall performance. “There are a lot of stepped hulls out there, but not that many that actually are effective,” SeaVee president Ariel Pared said. “We wanted to give the boater a stepped hull that really works the way it is supposed to work.”

Stepped hulls allow the boat to maintain an efficient running angle, according to Ocean5 CEO Rob Kaidy. “Every planing hull has an optimal trim angle where the lift is greatest and the drag is lowest,” Kaidy said. “It’s called the drag bucket.”

The Miami builder also showcased its 430 Fish Around, a cross between a center console and an express fishboat.

“It really is a blend of a large open fisherman with all the creature comforts you get in express-style boats,” Pared said. “The nice thing is you don’t really give up anything. You get a flush 360-degree deck, you get the comforts of a cabin that can sleep up to five or six people, and you get the air-conditioned bridge deck. I am really excited to take this boat home and get it out on the water.”

— Chris Landry

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