Industry mourns longtime Southern California broker

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Paul Albrecht, a Southern California yacht broker and the founder of Paul Albrecht Yacht Sales, died Nov. 13 of a heart attack. He was 80.

Albrecht first represented Uniflite yachts, then Tollycraft, and lastly Riviera Yachts before selling the business to longtime yacht broker and friend Craig Belden, according to the Log.

Albrecht’s own personal Uniflite sportfishers — all named Whopper Stopper — were well-known in sportfishing circles, fishing off Avalon and Cabo San Lucas for many years.

Albrecht was instrumental in developing and designing the Tolly 40, and he graced one of the 40-footers with the Whopper Stopper name and amenities.

Albrecht’s guidance as a distributor for Australia-built Riviera Yachts helped the company gain a foothold in the U.S. market and helped design a line that appealed to American boaters and sport anglers.

After his retirement, Albrecht became an early grower of Sangiovese grapes and launched the Eleven Oaks Ranch label.

“Paul always spoke of the great life he had and all the good people he had met along the way,” Peggy Bodenreider, of Sterling Acceptance Corp. in Newport Beach, Calif., told the Log.

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