International SeaKeepers Society holds annual dinner

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The International SeaKeepers Society hosted 300 guests during its 2013 Founders’ Dinner in Fort Lauderdale.

Guests arrived by Denison Superyacht Tender Service to enjoy champagne and a tour of Matchpoint, a 49-meter Christensen yacht. The dinner was held during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Guests also enjoyed cocktails, a silent auction and live music by Strolling Musician. Support for the event was provided by platinum sponsors Bentley, C1 Bank, Marshall Islands Registry and Bradford Marine.

Models showcasing new designs by Claudia Potamkin of Defiance Yachtwear mingled with guests.

The newly launched SeaKeeper Drifter also was on display. The Drifter can be deployed from yachts and it collects oceanic data that include sea surface temperature, current velocity, location, time and compass heading. The data are used to enhance weather forecasts, understand patterns of ocean currents, determine collection patterns of ocean debris and even assist in hurricane prediction models.

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