NMMA urges industry feedback on ethanol reduction

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association is asking members of the marine industry to weigh in on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to reduce the amount of ethanol required by the Renewable Fuel Standard.

“We already know that the ethanol and corn lobbies are submitting thousands of comments,” NMMA said in its call to action. “It’s time to take action and let the EPA know that you want lower ethanol mandates in 2014. It’s up to the boating community to show how this flawed policy is having devastating consequences on our industry.”

Testimony from stakeholders has been given on Capitol Hill regarding the EPA’s proposal.

Public comments are due by Jan. 28.


7 comments on “NMMA urges industry feedback on ethanol reduction

  1. Chris Holtz

    The farm state Senators treated us to this foolishness (though Indiana doesn’t require ethanol I’m told). I have an older 18-ft I/O runabout that is now trashed even after repeated carburetor service. I have friends who have given up boating (it’s no fun anymore they say). My weed-wackers are junk…..my gas auger is junk. I think it’s time we junk farm-grown ethanol or better yet, junk Congress. It’s the same corruption that threatens America’s life and liberty as well as our influence in the World.

  2. John Sprague

    How about a boater class action against the ethanol makers for producing a product that does damage by making a defective product?

  3. Anthony A. Cavallo

    Ethanol is very bad for the boating public, as it harms the fuel lines in the boat, also harms the fuel pumps, and can cause leaks in the fuel systems, creating a hazard, or fuel in our waterways, and posable gas in the bilge causeing explosion, and people getting hurt or killed.

  4. Jim Zaloudek

    After several years of listening to the pro’s and con’s of Ethanol, I have yet to hear anything good about it except for the benefit that it provides for the corn growers of America. Since I own a Boat Dealership, I am more than aware of the harmful effects of Ethanol on all engins especially older ones. It deteriorates many components in Generators, weed eaters, blowers, mowers, welders, older cars and outboard engines. All of this while costing the Tax payers because of the subsides that our Government has promised. To me this is not progress and definitely not very smart.

  5. Paul Bowden

    As a Boat Dealership owner and marine service professional for the past 44 yrs., I might look at ethanol as a ca$h cow…Thousands of carbs cleaned,$300. to $900. electric fuel pumps replaced, tanks pumped, towing charges, injectors cleaned or replaced, blown powerheads (like that one !) The only problem I see is that when the boating public has finally had a gut-load of this crap and expense…and quits, we’ll all be looking for a new job. Maybe I’ll be retired by then.

  6. Art Knighten

    If marine engines continue to have fuel related issues due to ethanol, boaters will get fed up braking down rather than having an enjoyable day on the water, they will find other ways to enjoy there weekends and the boating industry will go down the tubes. Is this what our government wants.
    Personally I will only put non ethanol gas in my boats, lawn mowers and other small engines.

  7. R. Justin Oxford

    I can think of nothing that has done as much damage to the boating public’s confidence, as the damage ethonal is doing to their engines. I have long time customers that are being subjected to repairs, through no fault of their own. Repairs to fuel systems are not cheap. At this time, our company can no long offer warranties to fuel system repairs where “phase separation” has occurred. Disposal of “bad” fuel, being a hazardous chemical, is not only costly; it does not solve their running problems nor prevent it from happening again. Vicious cycle. I own three boats myself and feel their pain.

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