Baja Marine announces factory-direct sales

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Baja Marine is selling its Donzi and Fountain Powerboat brands factory-direct in what the company says is a response to changing consumer demand.

Baja Marine CEO Johnny Walker also announced that the company’s dealer partners that represent Baja and the Pro-Line fishing boat brand now can take orders for Donzi and Fountain models and service those customers after delivery.

The new program eliminates the need for dealers to stock these larger, more expensive boats in their showrooms, the company said.

“We recognize that many dealers are reluctant to inventory some of these bigger, higher-priced models,” Walker said in a statement. “However, we also know that they want to have a service relationship with the buyers who bring the boats back to their markets. So we see this program as a win-win for everyone concerned.”

Through the program, customers can work directly with the staff at Baja’s plant in Washington, N.C., where both brands are built, to buy, personalize and build new Donzi and Fountain powerboats. They also can take delivery at the factory.

“We’ve found that Donzi and Fountain customers really value having a personal relationship with the factory that is building their new high-performance boat,” Walker said. “Whether they are buying a boat to race in, to take to poker runs or simply to enjoy running offshore and in their local waters, these customers like being able to work with us directly on designing the hull graphics and equipping their boat with engines, features and options. And they want to come to the plant to see their boat being built.”


4 comments on “Baja Marine announces factory-direct sales

  1. DJ

    Translation = cut out the middle man and keep the extra margin dollars for ourselves. This IMO is a poor decision for all but the 1% of wealthy boat enthusiasts. Competent marine dealers bring a lot of value to the sale in many forms and to think you can dispense with that for the majority is shortsighted. Then again, if they feel they can support their manufacturing with a very narrow market go for it.

  2. Michael J

    I agree DJ. Not to mention the millions of dollars the dealers have invested into selling the product. Show floors, staff, ect. I will never buy a boat factory direct. I want the service that comes from my dealer.

  3. David

    Lets face it. Floor planning is tight and the remaining dealers still in biz are reluctant to stock big ticket specialty boats. It makes perfect sense to go factory direct. The only thing I would suggest is to allow supporting dealers retail rates on warrantee service.

  4. Mike

    If the factory wants to sell direct, then they need to give the sales commission or share of profits from each sale to the dealer nearest where the customer lives, or give the dealer no cost floor planning so he can stock the boat and work his own deal.

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